Movie Props

Here I will showcase everyone's creations of items found in the Mad Max movies. If you are interested in this type of work, there is another website that I highly recommend you visit: It is run by Karol Bartoszynski, who has done an absolutely incredible job of researching what certain Mad Max props are made of. Check it out.

HUMVEE Driver's MFP Outfit

John's MFP Leather Jacket

HUMVEE Driver's Road Warrior Outfit

Patrick's Road Warrior Outfit

Tom's Road Warrior Outfit

HUMVEE Driver's Lord Humungus Outfit

HUMVEE Driver's Bad Cop Costume

HUMVEE Driver's Auntie Entity Costume

HUMVEE Driver's Bartertown Guard Costume

HUMVEE Driver's Wez Flail

HUMVEE Driver's Dinki-Di dog food can

HUMVEE Driver's Dog

Bronze21's Anarchie Road Sign

Bronze21's Interceptor Booby Trap

Bronze21's Feral Kid Boomerang

Bronze21's Wheel

Bronze21's Shotgun

Jacob Cummings' Shotgun