HUMVEE Driver's Dinki-Di dog food can

Thanks to some of the good people at Mad Max Movies, I got a great image of the dog food label. I resized it and printed one off on some good quality sticker paper. Then I found a can of baby formula that came with a lid and I stuck the label on. I wanted a can with a lid so I can fill it up with 'dog food' and eat some when I like, and save the rest. I figure that sooner or later at some car show I'll get to wear my Road Warrior leathers and chow down next to an Interceptor. I think a mix of refried beans and corner beef hash would look a lot like whatever it was that Mel was eating. I purposefully roughed up the label so it would look old. I plan on letting it roll around in the back of my truck for about a week so it looks even more weathered.