Bronze 21's 'The Wheel'

This is Bronze 21's custom Wheel from Beyond Thunderdome. Here is what he had to say about it:

Aunty Entity's Wheel of Mis-Fortune: It's all ABS plastic, not metal. The letters are from an office supply store (1 inch, $18.oo), the 1/8" black ABS sheet plastic from Alro Plastics, as is the 1/4" ABS round stock. I paused the movie and took a picture to use as a scale and reference. I cut a circle out of the ABS and laid out the pie pieces, cutting the slots where necessary. I then took the roundstock and made a circle underneath, gluing it to the "pie." The center post is made of 1" ABS roundstock cut in two and held together by a permanently mounted bolt that allows the wheel to rotate. The base is a rectangle with a hole in it to hang it up and to make it a tabletop model. The pointer is 1/4" ABS cut and glued to the 1/4" roundstock and glued to the non-moving base stalk. The paint is iron-oxide primer with the Rust faux finishing kit from Home Depot for $10.00 applied over all of it. Overall, the project cost about $40.00 to make and is about 30 inches across.