Tom's Road Warrior Outfit

These next images are from Tom, who has also made his very own Road Warrior outift. Here is what he had to say about it:

I have been a Mad Max/ Road Warrior fan since I first saw the movies when they came out. I must say, they have always influenced my style and taste in clothes, cars, etc. I first riveted shoulder pads on my leather jacket back in 1982 (a pair of black cooper hockey pads) before anyone really knew what that was. I also have been riding motorcycles since I first got my license in 81' so naturally all the pads, etc. came in handy as well as looked cool.

I pretty much made everything from scratch (not including pants, jacket, and boots). I made the shoulder pad from black kydex plastic. I made a mold based on the original, cut out the shape, heated it up in the oven and stamped it out. I first sanded the plastic so it appears as though it was painted with flat black spray paint, but will never scratch off. I sewed the padding for the shoulder pad and used sleeping pad foam for the inside. The leg brace was made completely from aluminum stock bought at home depot and stainless bolts/screws. Both the tools I made are dummies. The spanner is actually made from 1/4" steel, bent grinded and I welded a washer at the bottom. I work with leather and was able to make all the pouches, holster, straps etc. The boots are the Mad Max replica's and were custom made from The gun is a toy dart gun which originally had a long stock end which I cut off, filled in and painted to try to look more realistic.

I was able to create and print out the signs at work. (I am a designer and work on a computer, convenient!) Also I made the blower just for pictures. The scoop is made from a stainless steel garbage can cut and squashed. The pulley is a sink drain and the rest is wood covered with aluminum flashing or painted silver and the belt is just a black drawer liner. I did add some brass fittings and hose just for detail. I wanted to make the zoomies and tanks for the back but ran out of time.