HUMVEE Driver's Bartertown Guard Outfit

Once I realized that I already had most of the pieces needed to make a Bartertown Guard costume, I threw the rest together in time for DragonCon '09.

First off, I put together another set of shoulder pads with various car tail lights, etc. I got some old shinguards, and I sewed some black feathers that come already attached to a strip of black fabric. Thanks to Karol from for the feather strips!

I had some old, black cargo pants and I wore my weathered ATV boots. For the stomach armor, I took a section of rubber matting and cut it to size. Then I added a belt, the car emblem, and the furs.

I hung my extra crossbow bolts from my belt, and I put on my wristbow and hubcap buckler. Karol (again) from gave me some old bike tires that I turned into bicep armor. I cut them to size and rivetted them together. Then I added some elastic straps and I was done with them.

I used a paintball mask rivetted to a Halloween mohawk to finish it off. I later spray painted the mohawk brown, and then black to make it look more realistic.