Bronze 21's Interceptor Booby Trap

This is Bronze 21's custom Interceptor Booby Trap. Here is what he had to say about it:

A p-piece from here, a p-piece from there. Seriously though, it's a drill index box from McMaster-Carr, a Ford 351C coil, Delco wires, vintage Oldsmobile voltage regulator, fuel filters with steel round stock in it to make the (furnace?) ignitor, a fuse laying around, an H3 bulb for the detonator cord, a switch, and red/blue 16 gauge wiring from Autozone. I'm working on lighting the switch with parts from Radio Shack. About $50.00 to make.

NOTE: A couple of cops that my dad was having breakfast with came over to do a visual inspection/conformation of the VIN on my 74 XB when it was getting registered, and they both agreed that if "Barney Fife" saw it, I'd be in jail, and my car would be impounded. They thought it looked that "proper."

The knife: It's a machette bought at an Army-Navy surplus store then ground down to proper length. A piece of steel the same thickness of the blade was cut/shaped/formed to make the holder, then welded to the blade to make it a permanent fixture under the car, then took Jaguar/Lincoln LS black leather and made the scabbard, then sewed it around the mounting fixture to hold it in place. About $12.00 to make.