Patrick's Road Warrior Outfit

These next images are from Patrick, who has made his very own Road Warrior outift. He says it still needs some tweaking on some minor parts but it's coming along great. He custom made the AFO joints out of sheet metal and JB Weld, as he kept getting outbid on eBay for the authentic parts. He was lucky to find a cheap pair of '70s Ford tailgate hinges that are a huge plus to the costume. Everything was basically new, so he used brown enamel paint, real dirt, and matte clear spray to create a "weathered/worn" look to the leathers and boots. He also removed the back pockets from the leather jeans, which didn't come out too bad. The gun is an airsoft type that has been modified and repainted. The holster is more like the second style Max wore in Road Warrior but it's about an inch or so too short. Patrick even has his "Dog" Hannah; a full-bred Blue Heeler!