HUMVEE Driver's Lord Humungus Outfit

My Lord Humungus outfit started with his hockey mask, made by Cooper. A had that for a few years and it was what I wore in the DragonCon parade.

Then I decided to update the mask with the wire mesh behind the air holes.

Finally, to go along with my Humungus Machine, I decided to make the whole costume. First I added some straps to the mask that are more screen accurate.

Then I got a skull cap (or bald cap) and I used a hot glue gun to put the veins on. I also glued on some strands of hair, and dirtied the whole thing up.

Next up was the neck brace. I took an old truck tire inner tube and cut away what I didn't need. Then, using crazy glue, I rolled up the edges. I found four springs to fit, and there is a zipper in the back to tighten it up.

Lord Humungus wears a small wristband on his right, and a larger one on his left. I already had a very close studded leather wristband for the right side, and I made the one for the left.

Then came the leather strap/harness that he wears. It's really just that, a bunch of leather straps rivetted or snapped together. The codpiece is just a triangular piece of leather with some studs on it, and for the two leather pieces that hang from his belt I just used dark brown leather cut to size.

I added some cut up and worn out black shorts.

After a long search, I managed to find a replica Smith and Wesson Model 29 with an 8" barrel. I had to make up the rounds that go with it. The scope was very hard to find. To start with, it is a vintage rifle scope, and I got various opinions on exactly what kind of scope it really is. I finally found one that was very close to the real thing.

Lastly, these are the tridents thrown by Humungus during the final chase scene. The bones are made of resin. I cut them down, then drilled a hole into them. I then tapped the hole for a bolt and screwed that partway in there. The other end of the bolt goes into a plastic tube. The 'metal' blades are plexiglass cut into the correct shapes. I cut grooves in the plastic tubes and epoxyed the blades in. Then I just painted everything up and they are done.

Then, on my trip back from DragonCon in 2009, one of them fell off the Humungus Machine and became lost forever! Suck!