HUMVEE Driver's MFP Outfit

Once I bought myself an Abbyshot MFP leather jacket, I had to put the rest of the outfit together. After I got a piece from here and a piece from there, it is now complete.

Nothing fancy here, just a T-shirt

My Abbyshot MFP leather jacker

Custom name plate (MFP 0352) courtesy of Bronze21, and the Abbyshot badge

Abbyshot MFP Marksmanship badge

Abbyshot MFP gloves

Karol over at Mad Max Costumes told me what type of sunglasses to get, and after a search on Ebay I found some.

The revolver that Max carries has been identified as a Smith and Wesson Model 53, in I believe a .22 caliber. I had a bag full of old toy cap guns and squirt guns, so I dug it out and dumped out the guns. I couldn't believe it when I saw I already had a toy Smith and Wesson Model 53. It is a rather obscure gun, so I was incredibly lucky to just have one laying around. I modified it to look more realistic and poured casting resin down the barrel to give it some weight.

The handcuffs I ordered from Galls.

There was an old school nightstick that had been hanging in my family's garage for decades, so I brought it home and painted it black.

Lastly I riveted together a holster for the sawed off shotgun. I use the same Hudson Airsoft shotgun for this outfit and my Road Warrior outfit.

My sunglasses, revolver, handcuffs, nightstick, and shotgun holster.

The Hudson Airsoft shotgun

Next up was making the shoulder holster for the revolver. I got a bunch of pictures of the holster from the movie and got to work. I fitted some thin leather for the gun and riveted it together. Max's holster is sewn together, so yeah, I'm inaccurate there. For the straps I used leather purse straps. The large leather shoulder piece is made from thicker leather, and it tucks under the shoulder pad on the jacket.

Lastly I again consulted Karol, and he suggests Russian Officer's boots for MFP footwear. As you are not going to find the same brand Mel wore thirty years ago, they are a very close match. Once I got them I realized they needed some gel inserts, and that it was very difficult to tuck my leather pants into them. I took them to a good boot store and had zippers put on them, right down the side. Again, I know, its inaccurate, but so much easier to wear. I ordered another Abbyshot MFP badge and pined it to the side of the right boot. MFP officers only wear the badge on their right boot, the left one has nothing on it.

Put all of those items together, and you have a very accurate MFP uniform. Halloween doesn't come around often enough for me...