HUMVEE Driver's Bad Cop Outfit

I thought that I should have a Bad Cop outfit to wear when I drive my Humungus Machine around. I have my Lord Humungus outfit, but sometimes that's a little much to wear. Or rather, a little too little! So I decided to put together a Bad Cop outfit, from the one part of The Road Warrior where a Bad Cop gets behind the wheel of the Humungus Machine.

Naturally, I went to Karol, Mad Max costume expert over at He directed me to most of the parts of the outfit, and actually made the rest for me! You really could say this is HIS Bad Cop outfit!

So, first off is the helmet. Karol notified me when there was one up on eBay, and it's the exact kind worn by the guys in the movie. I forget the name, however. It has been modified by spray painting it silver from white, and adding the chain across the visor. Some of the Bad Cops in the movie have the chain there, or a strip of studded leather there, or nothing at all.

I had some sunglasses/googles that were a good match.

Karol made me a leather faceguard with studs.

Karol also helped me out with the leather jacket. Actually, he MADE me a replica double breasted leather leather jacket. All I had to do was add on the chain around the shoulder.

Then I needed some shinguards. In the movie, it looks like the Bad Cops are wearing some kind of lacrosse shinguards. I tried to find some, but lacrosse gear is very expensive and I couldn't find a pair that matched anyway. So I got some big ice hockey pads and added on straps to go around my legs.

I added some black cargo pants, and that's about it. I went out to my Humungus Machine with my crossbow and had a friend take some pictures.