Mad Max Toys

These are the series 1 and 2 Mad Max figures made by N2 Toys in 2000-2001. N2 Toys were also going to make 12 inch figures, an Interceptor, a gyrocopter, Wez's bike, and Humungus' truck to go with the figures. Also, two different slot car tracks were scheduled for release. Series 1 and 2 were released, but unfortunately N2 toys went bust or were taken over before the 12 inch figures, the vehicles, and the slot cars came to production. But it is possible that the prototypes are out there somewhere. There are six figures in series 1 and four figures in series 2. I find it kind of unusual that they made relatively minor characters, but not Papagallo. It has also been rumored that N2 Toys wanted to make a series 3 with the Beyond Thunderdome characters.

A few toy lines appear to have been influenced by Mad Max; namely Roadblasters from Matchbox and Steel Monsters from Tonka. I have included information on these toys here, as well as fan customs.

Lastly, I've included custom GIJoe figures. There is a much better site out there with dozens of custom GIJoe Mad Max figures and hundreds of other custom GIJoe figures. That site is Evilface's Fourth Circle of Hell, at

A big thanks to Steven Curry for sending me images and information.

N2 Toys Series 1

N2 Toys Series 2

N2 Toys Vehicles

12 Inch Toys

N2 Slotcars

Matchbox Roadblasters

Steel Monsters

Die Cast Customs

Cartoon Cars

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Transformers Mack Truck

Transformers Interceptor

Custom Mad Max Figures