Steel Monsters

In the 1980s Tonka released a toy line of post apocalyptic vehicles called Steel Monsters. They were most likely influenced by The Road Warrior. These heavy duty vehicles were 1/18th scale and made of metal and sturdy plastic. They all came with a driver, removable armor pieces, and weapons.

Enforcer, the Survior's Leader's vehicle

Wheelboss, The Survivor's Leader

Survivor vehicle Destroyer

Destroyer driver Halftrak

Survivor vehicle Pulverizor

Pulverizor driver Tygress

Survivor vehicle Wrecker, with driver Viking

Masher, the Enemy Leader's vehicle (shown with Punk, the driver of Bomber)

Metalface, the Enemy Leader

Enemy vehicle Blaster

Blaster driver Talon

Enemy vehicle Barbarian

Barbarian driver Retread

Enemy vehicle Bomber (shown with Metalface, the driver of Masher)