Black Top Warriors

In 2001 Revell released its Black Top Warriors line of model cars. There are just like any other model kit; with plastic parts, decals, and rubber tires. In fact these kits could be made as normal cars. They do come with interesting accessories such as gas cans, tool boxes, roll bars, and decals showing damage. From the information on the side of the box:

"It is the year 2012. A terrible disease carried by killer bees from below the equator has decimated the population of the Earth. Only the strong have survived. The surface of the planet has become a very harsh place and in order to navigate it, the survivors must adapt their everyday vehicles. The vehicles and the fuel to power them have become precious commodities. As a result, cars and trucks have taken on a very different attitude. These are the Black Top Warriors."

There are three kits that I know of:

Alley Rat, a custom pickup truck; apparently made from semi truck parts

Killer Bee, a VW bug

Pink Poison, a Jeep pickup truck

Doomsday74's Alley Rat

Doomsday74's Killer Bee

HUMVEE Driver's Pink Poison

SPAZ's Pink Poison