HUMVEE Driver's Jeep Pickup

This is my model of one of the enemy vehicles from my story Mad Max 2.5 The Soldier Max. In the story, this vehicle had a giant makeshift speargun mounted in it's bed. It fired a metal spear with a high-tension spring. This truck disabled one of the Soldier's vehicles and damaged another. The speargun worked by winding the spear back through a metal pipe with a rachet system, similar to what is on a boat trailer. This winch compressed the huge spring, and was released when they wanted to shoot. The cab and windshield are removed as they would get in the way of the spear being aimed and fired.

Jeep Pickup

Base kit: Blacktop Warriors Pink Poison

Other kits: winch from a jetski trailer

Extra parts: pipes and plastic girders

Modifications: Obviously I removed the roof of the cab and the windshield to make room for the speargun. The speargun itself is made from a metal pipe and plastic pieces. The extra spear is also metal. I bought a pickup truck with jetski and trailer because it came with the winch part I wanted to use, and I think it worked quite well. The speargun is mounted on half a car axel with a tire rim welded to the bed of the truck.

Paint: Primer gray. I used one of the Pink Poison's skull decals on the hood, and I resized and printed another skull for the passenger side door. I dirtied up the truck with Doc O'Brien's Weathering Powders; yellow and brown colors.