Zarana X's Custom Mad Police Interceptor

Since he couldn't find a Mad Police Interceptor, Zarana X made his own.

Fat chance finding a real one, so I made one. I used Revell's 79 Firebird Street Machine. Converted it to a hardtop, so I could center the light bar, (doesn't look right sitting on top of the windshield to me), and had to scratch build the "Trans Am" spoiler, not perfect, but... Built the front armor from sheet styrene and the inner fender wells from a pick up bed. The guns are a secret, shhh! I used the light protectors from the Mad Police Destroyer tree, they were extras in that kit! Then I snatched the lightbar from my VW, which came from the Taurus Highway Patrol originally. Got the wheels from an old Bandai super-deformed Mustang kit. Thats about it, I built a missile rack using GI Joe parts, but it's too big and cartoonish looking on the car.