Zarana X's Mad Police Destroyer

Zarana X has made the Destroyer kit; he did some research and learned that the base vehicle is an early-mid 80's Nissan Cedric. They were actually used as police cars and taxis in Japan. Here is what he had to say about his model:

I originally got this when I was about 12, and I painted it red. Years later I re-did it and painted the front end and trunk green like the police car, gives it the look like it has been repaired. I also moved the seats and futuristic dash forward, as they would be in a real 4-door car. These are the two figures that came with the kit, you had the option of using the helmet on one of the figures. The female had a shotgun, but the M-16 is from the Robocop Ford Taurus. The original antenna broke off the car, I'm not sure what I replaced it with. The winch and off-road lights are from some 4x4s. The mirrors are from Tamiya's Toyota Soarer. The wing and rollbar are from a Pontiac Sunbird.

Later, Zarana X updated this model:

I was going to get a new one, but these have been turning up on ebay less and less... So, I dipped the whole thing in dot3 to strip it and re-did it to more closely resemble the box art. The female figure had been painted at least four times... Just need to find some suitable decals... Lost the rear wing, winch & lights I had earlier, added and all new roll cage and interior junk, (doesn't show well in the pics). I went with british racing green for the color after discovering that some of the cars are molded in dark green, most are white. I like it, it looks like a reasonable color for an actual police car. I added dual exhausts, because I just can't get around the fact that the headers sticking through the hood like on the box makes no sense. (how do you open the hood?)