Zarana X's custom VW

From Zarana X:

This is a 68 VW Beetle, made from Revell's Skips Fiesta Drive-Thru version. Someone gave this to me cause it was crushed; you can still see the damage on the windshield frame. It would never make a good show car, so I cut the rear off and stuffed a Camaro engine in the back and flipped the headers. I used a hoop roll bar as a start and built the rest of the cage from scratch. I thought it would be ironic to give it the 80's style paint job and graphics from the kit. The light bar is from the Robocop Taurus. The skid plates ar from another VW kit. The swing away gas can rack is from a Revell Bronco. Taillights and diamondplate are leftovers form an AMT Mack. Wheels and tires are from an AMT Chevy Silverado.