Zarana X's custom '57 Chevy

Post apocalyptic '57 Chevy from Zarana X:

This is a true junkyard monster, I used parts from 3 different Revell '57 Chevys (one was the body from the original release, but the rocker panels were all Wavy Gravy, the a-pillar on the driver's side was gone and there was tire melted to the roof) to make one complete car, along with the engine from The Revell Henry J gasser, and the rear axle from the Revell 56 Ford F-100. Rear springs are from a Monogram 68 Camaro, front suspension is from an unknown Corvette. Drivshaft is from an AMT Chevy truck, wheels are from an MPC Corvette. Driving lights are a section from a Revell Chevy truck's roll bar. I fabbed up some custom anti-personell bumpers front & rear, and used a Mansfield bar from an AMT 1/32 trailer on the back bumper for a grab bar. I wanted to add some clutter to the interior, but im kinda running low on accesories. Unfortunately none of the doors or trunk open, because all of the hinges are ruined.