Wreck Warrior's Nightrider Holden

This version of Nightrider's Holden was built by Wreck Warrior. Here is how he did it:

Beleive it or not this car started out a '69 Camaro convertible. Most convertible models come with a roof that you can use to make the car into a hardtop, but for some reason mine didn't, so I had to use the roof from another convertible; a Revell 80's Mustang that I modified to fit the Camaro with a filler panel to hide the gap. The stock small block went to the parts box and a Corvette big block was re-assembled with race headers was thrown in. The dash was converted to RHD using a parts box gauge panel and glove box and a piece of model tree as the steering column. In order to put the brake booster on the other side, I cut the heater box off, covered the hole with flat plastic, and sanded it smooth. The car's stock cowl induction hood was slightly modified by cutting the lip off the end and sanding the top flat. After a hole was made in the hood, the modified scoop was glued on and the hole was widened to fit the scoop. The nose was modified using the grill from my RW Valiant with head lights and bumpers from the parts box. At the rear I modifed the stock taillights, I lost the stock rear valance & had to replace it with one from the parts box. The rear bumper wouldn't fit and had to be left off, the interior and headliner is painted flat tan and a scratch built police light and mount were added to the dash. The body is handpainted flat black with an old brush to give it a worn look, even after three coats of paint; sanding it took the paint right off in certain places, so I haven't been able to 'damage' or weather it.