Wreck Warrior's Interceptor

Here is Wreck Warrior's first Interceptor, and here is what he had to say about it:

Being a fan of Mad Max and model building, I bought a Revell Mustang Cobra combo (pictured) and slowly built the 69 Mustang into the pursuit special. I looked at pictures on the Internet, I drew up plans, and I almost wore out the DVD. I copied every detail I could to the best of my abilities; the original version had a duel quad setup, a generic scoop, an oversized rear spoiler that didn't match the bodylines, and Nova rims, until one day it fell off the shelf I had it on and was so badly damaged I had to rebuild it. Luckily the Revell 69 Shelby kit is an almost perfect match (see my Red XA), by this time I had acquired a few more models and had some more authentic parts, so those went on during the rebuild. The original build was also missing the passenger seat, so the front seats from the Shelby were glued in place, the rear spoiler was trimmed down, 10 spoke rims were added, and the super charger was re-done with a more correct scoop. I couldn't paint the MFP symbol so a Weiand decal was used, also some of the other modifications were cleaned up and repaired. The front was left alone while the rear suspension was lifted, first using pieces from the 70 Nova kit then the blocks from the GT500. I built most of the motor stock but cut and glued the supercharger "box" from a Revell 70 Chevelle kit, the hole for the CJ scoop was widened to fit the blower, and the ram air scoops were added. While trying to fit the nose to the car I accidentally cut too much off the fender, this was compensated by gluing pieces of model tree to the nose. The scoop in the air dam was widened and the 'fangs' were added along with the split in the grill. The nose was glued to the car and the resulting gaps were covered with flat plastic, (the car originally had a piece to cover the gap between the hood and grille but I lost it) The headlights were cut from clear plastic from a junk model and the tail lights are from the GT500 kit. Converting the dash was rather simple; I trimmed the lip around the stock gauges and covered over them with a piece of flat plastic, and the gauge panel from the 90 Mustang was modified and glued to the right side of the dash. I left the fender scoops out and covered the holes and used the scoops as the vents by the rear tires. The zoomies are the pipes, the mufflers and exhaust manifolds are from the 90 mustang cut and glued back together. The tips are from a 67 Mustang kit. Modifying the tail lights was probably one of the easiest to do; the dividers for the stock taillights were cut out and a piece of clear red plastic was cut and glued behind the panel. The roof and trunk spoilers are narrowed and trimmed from different kits. The police light and mount are scratch built.

The base kit

Right side


Left side

Right side

Left front