www.modelkits.com Max Figure

This information about this kit was sent to me by Steven Curry:

The kit is sculpted by Roy Snyder and Ernest Gutierrez (possibly German), which leads me to believe that it may not have been a cast. It's made of resin and like a lot of the Max figures around, is also 12 inches tall and is made up of 8 parts. It is quite nicely made compared to other kits, no blow holes in the parts or rough lines, apart from the legs had a little excess resin on the boots. I bought mine from ebay, but there was a small instruction sheet included in the kit with a website wrote on it; www.modelkits.com I visited the site and the kit was listed there at $100. I also found these other images of the kit attached.

Out of the box kit

Custom painted head

A close up of the head and torso

Front view

Right side of the kit


Left side of the kit