www.garagekit.com Max Figure

Steven Curry sent me this image of a Mad Max figure he had won on Ebay. It is obviously Max, but it is unlike any other figure I've seen. Max appears to have his shoulder pad and knee brace, but his jacket is whole and his belts and holster are different. It seems that this is a figure of Max as he might have looked between Mad Max and The Road Warrior. If anyone knows anything about this figure, please let me know.

Steven Curry recently sent me some more info about this kit:

I believe this may be the kit that www.garagekit.com was selling a few years back. I was looking at the Mad Max Movies website at the bottom of the page in the model characters section. I noticed that the description of the figure that I have is the same, they are both 7 inches tall and if I remember the garagekit's pic of the character was similar. This is now a broken link, and the website no longer remains, some garage door company or something owns it now, so it's useless trying to go there.