N2 Toys Max with Gas Can

This is the Max with gas Can figure from N2 Toys. They made Max taller with the second series; he stands just over six inches tall. The figure has excellent detail; showing Max's jacket unzipped as he was so hot from hauling those gas cans around in the desert. Interestingly, they added some kind of leather vest to Max. They changed more than just Max's height with the second series; his leg brace is now made of seperate pieces of plastic, and they lightened up on his scruffy beard. They also changed his hair and face to look more like Mel. I wonder why they didn't include another gas can and a pole to carry them with. This Max isn't as dusty as the previous two are. Also, if you are a stickler for details, Max's kneepad and gloves are wrong, and he is missing some of the tools from his belt.

Carded figure

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