Thunder Dome Queen Figure

Here is the 1/6th scale resin kit of Auntie from Beyond Thunderdome; called The Thunder Dome Queen. Steven Curry managed to get a hold of a "Reshape" Thunderdome Queen figure for 66 from Comet Minatures, and he had to ask specially. It wasn't on their website because it was forgotten about, not suprising as they've not had it in stock since 1996. It was the last remaining model, so he was very lucky to get it!

This information was sent to me by JamieCk; Jack of all Trades:
The Thunderdome Queen was sculpted by Darren Kefford for Model Zone, Bishop Stortford.

If you are after one, give Tony a look at Comet Miniatures, London. The website is
You may have to email him as he has a lot of stuff not on the site.

I now have images of the Thunderdome Queen thanks to Steven Curry: