HUMVEE Driver's Tanker

Before you begin, PRINT OFF AS MANY PICTURES AS YOU CAN of the tanker from websites, watch the movie, and make sketches. I also recommend getting a Dremel Tool; mine is indispensable.

The Tanker

Base kit: die cast tanker trailer

Other kits: 1957 Chevy, any semi trailer with three axles

Extra parts: large piece of wire mesh, large flat plastic styrene, lego pieces, scale barbed wire, Scale Scenics Aluminum Micro-Mesh, Strip Styrene #291, ANGLE .060" (1.5 mm)

Modifications: The tanker in the movie has an oval shape to it, and I looked everywhere to find a tanker trailer with the right shape. I couldn't find one. However, I did find a kit by Italeri that might work. I've only seen the box so I'm not sure.

Anyway, I spotted an old die cast 1/25th scale tanker at a flea market and decided to use that. It was too short, so I had to lengthen it with extra plastic. Then I put a curve in the end of the plastic where it meets the Mack truck. The frame the die cast tanker came on was all wrong, so I discarded it and bought a flat bed semi trailer with three axles. I mated the tanker to that, and it came out well. The rear armored nest of the tanker is made out of the trunk and rear end of a '57 Chevy, I think. If anyone can tell me what kind of car they used for that, please let me know. Get two flat LEGO pieces, 20x5, or put two together to get that size. That is, 20 little holes by 5 little holes, not 20 inches by 5 inches. Cut out all the circles (wire cutters work well for this), and sand them as flat as possible. Then, take a hacksaw and carefully cut 4 grooves down the long side of each of them. These will make the side skirts for the tires. Use the Micro-Mech to cover the tops, or wheel wells, of the tires. Use the ANGLE pieces to make the top turrets; just cut a slight bend in each angle piece and glue them in a semi-circle. Glue some posts along the side of the tanker and fix the barbed wire to them. Cut and fit the wire mech alongside the top of the tanker. I made my Farmer and Mechanic characters from a 1/25th scale toy line called M.A.S.K. For Warrior Woman, I found a 1/25 scale toy Rogue of the X-Men and modified it.

Paint: The tanker is silver and the frame and rims are grey. The side skirts are orange, the top turrets are black, and the rear nest is rust colored. The red circular logo on the side on the tanker reads 'Seven Sisters" across the top and "Petroleum" across the bottom with a white #7 in the middle. Then a red, white, and blue stripe runs alongside the tanker to the rear. I just painted these features on.

Early Max vs. Wez, with the tanker in the background

Right side

Rear and right side

Left rear view