HUMVEE Driver's Wrecker

This is my model of the Soldier's wrecker from my Mad Max story The Soldier Max. In the story, the Soldiers protected road convoys with a variety of vehicles. One of their heavy hitters is the battered red tow truck you see here. In the story, the wrecker's engine is disabled by a giant metal spear and it ends up being burned up in a huge fireball.

Red Wrecker

Base kit: I'm not sure of the year, but its a GMC pickup. I only used the cab and frame. For the towing assembly, I found a resin add-on kit on Ebay.

Other kits: None

Extra parts: A heavy duty brush guard

Modifications: Obviously I only used the cab of the pickup truck. I mated the rear end towing assembly to the pickup's frame and roughed up the entire vehicle to make it look battered and smashed. I Dremeled off one of the towing assembly's side storage doors to make it look like it was sheared off and I made the inside shelves out of sheet plastic. Of course, I also changed it to left hand sided driving.

Paint: Gloss red spray paint and flat black for the towing assembly. I still have to make some custom decals for the side advertisments.

Right side

Right side different angle

Right front view

Front close up


Left side

Left rear