HUMVEE Driver's Sword

I had a long piece of metal and nothing to do with it, so I decided to make it into a sword. I used my sawz-all to make a point on the metal, then trimmed down the other end. I fit it through a piece of pipe and welded it together. I also weldeded on the crossguards. I thought an excellent and original idea for a pommel would be a trailer hitch ball, and I had a 2" one laying around. I used my trusty sawz-all again to cut off the treaded part, then welded the ball to the pipe. I took the sword to a monster grinding wheel to give it an edge. Lastly I added on white fabric tape hockey stick style. As I was making it I made sure to balance the sword properly. Apparently, when using a one-handed sword such as this one, the center of gravity should be a few inches above the crossbar; and mine is. I call this sword my Reese C 2 20, as that it what is stamped on the ball.