HUMVEE Driver's Spike Armor

This one is similar to the Valkyrie Armor. It covers a girl's back and shoulders, and leaves her chest open so another, interchangable piece can be worn there. I got the idea after DragonCon 2008 when a friend of mine had some loser getting too close to her. I thought that no one would be able to get close enough to perv her out if her armor was covered in spikes. Here is the result. I thought that a metallic gloss dark red would be very cool for the armor itself. It's shown here with my Armor Bra II on underneath.

I updated this armor with another thought in mind; my friend Donna wanted to enter the Dawn Look-A-Like contest at DragonCon. So I made up an entire outfit for her, including my red shinguards and some new red wristguards. Pics at the bottom!