Oriol Comerma's Plymouth Superbird

Oriol Comerma from Catalonia (Spain) built this custom slotcar. It's a replica of one of the post apocalyptic vehicles from the original Terminator movie.

I have a "post-apocalyptic" slot car custom made by me. The original model is a Plymouth Superbird of Carrera Evolution (but it is not finished yet). At first, I had plans to make a car from the Mad Max series, but many models are close to the Superbird, so I decided to make a free adaption. So this car is from the first Terminator film, the resistance car that appears in the one post-apocalyptic war chase against a Skynet Hunter-Killer.

It's a simple car, not overloaded with a lot bars and shields like a Death Race vehicle; it's more closer to the Mad Max look: A burned/grated body car, missing important parts of the car (rearview, headlights...) and several other adaptations for the desolated burned world of tomorrow.

The new headlights on the roof come from an old 4x4 die cast model, and are fixed with wire. It give the car a look of unexpectedly rough work; a rude adaptation to drive the car through the ruins of a nuclear devastation.

I need to put the machine gun, some details and finish the rear for complete the model.