1/24th scale Slot Car Interceptor

Robert Uzzell handbuilt this incredible Max Max supercharged interceptor. The car is the extremely rare and very expensive Japanese body from The Road Warrior with a custom built chin spoiler. The car is mounted to a 1/24 scale Pro Trac slot car hardbody chassis. It has a full interior as well. Car runs great and looks good as a rolling, "living" machine. It is not available in the U.S. The car originally came with no front spoiler and it just didn't look right to me. I researched the front spoiler and from photos from the movie and the internet, I scratch built and installed the air dam out of styrene that is true to the actual car. The car comes complete with its fully painted and detailed interior(yes, the famous shifter with the red blower button is there) and the car finds its home on a Pro Trac hard body frame, motor, and tires. No expense was spared here as all the detail you might expect from a custom like this is there. The car was only run in the builing stage before final paint, and runs really, really well. The car has not been run whatsoever since final paint and has been in a display case since.

Left front

Left front/top

Left side


Left rear