HUMVEE Driver's Freightliner

This is my model of the Soldier's Freightliner from my Mad Max story The Soldier Max. In the story, the Soldiers transported food and gasoline using road convoys with a variety of vehicles. One of their semi trucks is the battered black Freightliner you see here. In the story, the Freightliner sees some heavy action but it survives to the end.

Black Freightliner

Base kit: Obviously a Freightliner, but I don't remember what year or the company that made it.

Other kits: none

Extra parts: Various semi truck parts

Modifications: Believe it or not, the Freightliner was the original semi I used for my Mack truck model. I quickly realized it wasn't working and the kit sat in pieces for many years. I brought it out and pieced it together again with many parts from other kits. I had removed the driver's side door when I was making it like the Mack; later I cut out the other door. I had a sleeper cab that fit perfectly along with some fuel tanks. I made the air cleaner out of tissue paper and wire mesh; hoping to make it look as if the air cleaner cover had been lost but the rig was still used. I cut off the left side front fender and dented the kit up for a more road worn look. I found a nice front bumper and dented that up as well. Lastly I changed it to right hand sided driving.

Paint: The semi is flat black and the other parts are dark red or chrome.

Right side


Left rear top view

Left side