Red XA Bat Decal

Another cool decal from The Road Warrior is the Bat image on the hood of the Red XA. It covers the entire hood and actually 'folds' over the sides a little. Also, the Red XA has two skull and crossbones emblems mounted above it's exhaust pipes; one on each side.

I made a decal of the red XA bat in 1998 on my parent's computer. I only made half of the decal, then 'flipped' it so I got both side with half the work. I printed off one for my red XA and forgot about the file still in my parent's Paint program. When I was getting images together for my website, I tried to find it again, but it must have been deleted. Very depressing for me; all that work gone.

However, it seems that I was wrong about the decal when I 'flipped' it. The two sides of the bat aren't the same. The right hand side of the bat does 'fold' over the hood to the side of the car, but the left side doesn't. I need to make a new decal for my XA! Luckily Dark Horse also made this decal, which is better and more acurate than mine anyway. I think he painted an actual picture of the bat. Here it is:

The Red XA Bat

The Red XA. You can see how the wings are different.

Another shot of the Red XA. Again, you can see the different wings, and how it folds over on the right.