Red F100 Decals

In the movie you can quite clearly see the Red F100's side snake art. It is important to note that the artwork on each side is different.

I spent the most time making my Red F100 decals. I found a perfect picture of the right side snake and that one was relatively easy to make. However, the only useable picture I found of the left side snake was at the wrong angle and out of focus. It took me about ten hours of work on the Paint program to get it right. I did this in 1998 on my parent's computer. I printed some off for my red F100 and forgot about the files still in my parent's Paint program. When I was getting images together for my website, I tried to find them again, but they must have been deleted. Very depressing for me; all that work gone.

I did print off a couple of the decals long ago. Here they are:

Right side snake

A cleaned up shot of the right side snake, but it is missing its tail.

Touched up right side snake by John (MFP 508)

A great shot of the right side snake

My custom left side snake art

A look at the left side snake

Final decals for the snakes