Planet X Road Warrior Interceptor

Planet X has made a resin kit of the Interceptor as it appeared in The Road Warrior. This kit is made of resin with some metal parts. I've never seen this kit so I don't have too much information on it. Although the Aoshima kit is better quality, the Planet X kit is a better representation of the Road Warrior Interceptor; mainly because it has the smashed front end. However, if you're are a stickler for details, you should note that the front end isn't really 'smashed', instead it looks as if they just removed parts of the nose cone. The real Interceptor from the movie had its left front side of the nose missing and the right front side still somewhat intact. But, like I said this is a detail and only important if you want a dead on replica of the car. This kit is available at Frontier Models. Check and type in 'Mad Max' in the search field.

Paul Parker's Planet X Road Warrior Interceptor