Night Stalker's Mad Max Interceptors

Chase Bansi has done a great job converting the Matchbox '73 Falcon into the Interceptor from The Road Warrior. Here is how he did it:

I must say taking the dremel to this to cut it up was a bit intimidating at first. Thankfully the metal is fairly soft and easy to cut. I should have taken more progress shots but once I got into the groove I just kept working. I cut away the boot lid and the headlights and left side headlight trim. Roof spoiler is hand made from plastic. I need to make wheel flairs and driver's side mirror.

I cut away the passenger and rear seat, changed the wheels, and raised its stance. It may still need more lift in the back. I built a radiator and installed rectangular headlights. I modified a blower from another car, a spare tire, fuel tanks from a pen shaft, and side pipes from 8 gauge coper wire soldered together. The tanks need caps and strap details as well as jerry cans.