Night Stalker's Mad Max Interceptors

Night Stalker has done an incredible job converting the Matchbox '73 Falcon into the yellow Interceptor as well as the black on black. Here is how he did it:

In the first pic (the primered one) a Hot Wheels XB Falcon that is being converted to a 4-door to be more accurate. Not the exact body used but close enough for what we can get. And of course the finished painted Hot Wheels Falcon with just the yellow paint job. The fully detailed painted version is about as close as anyone is going to get to the Yellow MFP Interceptors from the movie, since they don't make a Falcon XB 4-door in diecast at all. The next closest thing is the Falcon XY by Biante. The hood, grill, bumpers, etc are wrong and have to be modified.

I added a hood from a Falcon XB and added the hood scoop. Then the roof spoiler was added along with the new bumper and spoiler. The front was lower and I added the chrome Sunraysia 6 spoke wheels just like Max had on his car along with the graphics to reflect that. A custom siren was added to the top. The lights on the roof are only sitting there. I am not sure if I will go with the lights just glued to the roof or a custom roof mount with lights as seen on the primered version in the pic that is under construction. And also shown is a Road Warrior Interceptor version still in the WIP stages. The old tail lights on the 4door bothered me. So I cut them off and modified them into more movie correct taillights. I added the more correct lights and lightbar on top as well. Pics are crappy from my my cell phone. Will take better pics when I showcase the whole MadMax/Road Warrior collection. Hope you like.