Chase Bansi's Red XA

Chase Bansi turned the Matchbox '73 Falcon into the Red XA. Here is how he did it:

First I started by removing the GT bonnet scoops, brake scoops, and boot spoiler. I also opened up the bonnet. I cut out the wheel openings and added new axels and wheels. I cannibalized a metal engine from another car and drilled out the stacks. They don't flair like the real ones, but close enough. I went with tan interior instead of white hoping it would photograph better. After a bit of squadron putty the basics body work was ready to go. The rear wing was cobbled together from bits and pieces. It's taller than it should be but has the right look. I have not painted the bat on the bonnet. I'm not sure I can do it justice. The side pipes are copper wire bent into shape.