mahenoguy's Mundi Mundi diorama

Here are some pics of my model so far at 1:24 scale. Before you go "Hang on, where's the...", this is a list of what's still to do:
-Mundi Mundi Lookout sign
-New step tank for drivers side of Mack
-finish side gates on passenger side of trailer
-more cargo (Fridge, stove, lounge, carpet roll, general rubbish)
-new rear view mirrors
-more debris
-Dog and dead Kangaroos

And here are some of the parts/kits used:
-AMT Mack r685 (for body, bonnet, most of interior)
-AMT Mack DM600 (for wheels, chassis, diffs and transfer cases, all chrome wear, engine )
-AMT Flatbed trailer (custom built tri-axle and tie-off rail, all gates are custom made from soldered galvanized steel wire)
-Australian conversion kit (sun visor, twin air filters {custom intakes}, right hand drive dash)
-Custom Air start tank, bull-bar, rear wheel guards, long range fuel tank, exhaust system, and corpse in drivers seat.
-Aoshima Interceptor (second version with roll cage etc) custom made radiator, nose supports, smashed nose cone.
-Buggy custom made from spares box (a lot of Ford hotrod parts) chassis and crushed roll cage from sprue.
-71' Plymouth GTX for Landau (body highly modified with styrene sheet and putty), flares are soldered wire, aluminum tube exhaust.
-Tamyia rally pit crew (base figures for Max, dead bad cop and passenger, dying buggy driver, various tools for interceptor)