Charles May's Mack Truck

Here is what Charles had to say about his Mack truck:

The "Rig" is a Mack R685 made by AMT. The interior was converted to right hand drive. The chassis and engine are completely wired and plumbed. The tanker trailer is also an AMT item modified to a triple axle configuration. The tanker is incorrect, as to the shape not being oviod, but again being built in the 80's, tanker trailer variety was limited. Scratch-built items include defense cupolas on top, rear defense area, armored wheel skirts, air lines and connections, and scale barbed wire. The logos on the trailer are a combination of decals, rub-on transfers, and hand painting. There are even scale molotav cocktails and crossbows in the defense areas. The Rig`s hood tilts forward and the "Roo" bar in front is also scratch-built. Dry-brush weathering finishes the look.