HUMVEE Driver's Lone Wolf

Before you begin, PRINT OFF AS MANY PICTURES AS YOU CAN of the vehicle from websites, watch the movie, and make sketches. I also recommend getting a Dremel Tool; mine is indispensable.

Lone Wolf

Base kit: none, although the vehicle has a Ford truck frame. You may want to use the same.

Other kits: none

Extra parts: six "Desert Dueler" rubber tires, two engines, shocks, suspension, drive shafts. Evergreen Scale Models #224 1/8Ē tube .125 dia (3.2 mm)

Modifications: First of all, if you want to make a Lone Wolf it will be a total custom. Start with a detailed car or truck frame and work from there. The actual vehicle was made with an F100 frame, and there is a very similar Ford kit out there, called the "Boonie Boss" that has an excellent frame to use. If you've worked with HO scale trains, you might know of the material they use to make fences. A company called Scale Scenics makes it, called Aluminum Micro-Mesh. It is a very thin metal grid type thing, and it is perfect for the Lone Wolf's armor. Most of the armor is curved, so practice cut some curved shapes on paper until you get it right. Donít forget the square part cut out on the left front armor for the radiator cap. I had to custom build the rear engine's blower hat, but the rest of the parts you should be able to scrounge from other kits. Find a good racing seat for the driver. In the movie you can see the holes in the seat where the racing seat belt went. There is some weird custom exhaust pipes on the Lone Wolf. Two pipes go from the front of the vehicle over the gas tanks to the rear. The rear engine has two very short exhaust pipes that line up next to the two from the front. For the pipes, use the material above. Donít forget the automatic shifter on the driverís left. Papagallo is a toy figure from M.A.S.K. His helmet is made of clear plastic and tiny copper wires. He also has a wristbow on his left hand; as he did in the movie. I made my first Lone Wolf with some stock gas tanks, then I switched them for some more accurate custom tanks. I also used better tires and rims the second time around.

Sorry about the lack of details here; making this vehicle is truly custom work. For the Lone Wolf, you really have to look at pictures of it and make parts and pieces to match. Because of this, it is both easy and difficult to make.

Paint: The Micro-Mesh for the armor is already silver, so no painting needed there. The rims and fuel tanks are black. The seat is a dark brown. The engines are mostly silver. The exhaust pipes are steel colored.

My first Lone Wolf.

Right side

Left side

Front view

Rear view