Laurent's custom "Krad"

Here's a custom post apocalyptic truck by Laurent, this one apparently based on a semi truck. Here is what he had to say about it:

This truck is call the "Krad". Totaly rebuild with differents pieces from other trucks, cars and planes! The V12 twin turbo charged engine is from a racing truck. The radiator has been moved to the back, just under the seats, and it has two giant ventilators.
For compensate the weight and (relative) apathy, the truck is well protected, with a huge push bar. At the front, there is the gunner's cockpit. His mission is to clear the way. At the back, two warriors protect the rear of the truck from any pursuers. There is also a chain to tow wrecked cars (bartering is a good way to survive!)
In all, there are five seats. A large back seat can be used for sleeping during long travel.