Kyosho Interceptors

Kyosho of Japan, also known as Skynet, makes small radio controlled Interceptors. The following information and images were sent to me by Steven Curry:

The first two images are of the Kyosho Mini Z racer models. There were two of these that just came with a car in the box. One was a weathered version and the other the same kit, but a clean version. I think maybe the front panel and bumper are missing on the dirty version; when Max smashes into the car in the opening scene of MM2, and the clean one was before the smash. Both have exposed fuel tanks, so they're both from the second film. The dirty version has a gold label on the box, that's because these are limited edition.

The other Mini Z racers were exactly the same toys, one clean the other dirty, only you paid more for these because they included the radio gear, motor, and a handset. Also included were a bag of accessories, a bag of obstacles such as cones and an instruction manual. They came in a different box; obviously bigger, but have different images. I only have the dirty version, and am finding it very difficult to get the other. They used to sell all of the mini Z and Aoshima kits at the Hobby Link Japan website, I think only the dirty RC car is there now though.

Standard Edition box

Special Edition box

Kyosho Mini Z with accesiories box

Kyosho Mini Z with accesiories side box

Kyosho Mini Z with accesiories back of the box

Kyosho Mini Z accesiories