Iron Cross Decal

One of the more visible vehicle decals from The Road Warrior is the Iron Cross. The cross is red with a white outline. At the center of the Iron Cross is what appears to be a German SS Skull and Crossbones.

I found a picture online of a German Iron Cross and used it as a template for my decal. I scanned it into a Paint program and dressed it up to what you see here. I also found an SS skull and crossbones, resized it, and pasted it to the cross. This decal did not take as long to create; maybe about four actual hours of work.

I made this decal in 1998 on my parent's computer. I printed off one for my Iron Cross Buggy and forgot about the file still in my parent's Paint program. When I was getting images together for my website, I tried to find it again, but it must have been deleted. Very depressing for me; all that work gone. But I was able to scan the actual decal as it sits on my Iron Cross Buggy. I've also dry brushed the decal, which is why you see the tan streaks.

The Iron Cross Buggy

The Iron Cross

John (MFP 508) Created his own image of the Iron Cross decal.

John's Iron Cross

John also touched up my version of the Iron Cross.

Touched up Iron Cross

Finally, I remade the entire decal.

Final Iron Cross decal