Updates: 11-3-10; Finally an update! I know that I've been lax with the site lately, but hopefully I'm all caught up for the time being.

This is a huge update! After Hot Wheels released its '73 Falcon, many modelers made custom versions of the various Mad Max vehicles out of it. You can find a lot of them here, and you have to see them to believe them! Wozza has made a few awesome models, namely his Mack Truck and Tanker as well as his 1/18th scale Interceptors. Wreck Warrior has almost finished his Charger model, and we have a post apocalyptic slot car all the way from Spain.

Due to a ton of spam and general inactivity, I've closed down the Message Board. You should now be directed to Peter Barton's Mad Max Movies forum. It has a very informative message board regarding models, and I highly suggest checking it out. Please e-mail any more submissions directly to my e-mail, dgiomeusoc (at)

My custom decals for various Mad Max 2/Road Warrior model vehicles are in the Decals section. I am selling them pretty much at cost; contact me for details.

A BIG thanks to Amanda, who helped me set all this up. I could not have done it without her.

Also, thanks to 5.7 Interceptor for providing me with images right from the movies. He's the duck's guts.

I would love to hear what everyone has to say about the site. If you have any comments, critisims, or questions, please post them on the message board.

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