Gyrocopter Decals

I think we have all seen the right side fin 'art' on the Gyrocopter. Someone actually found where that picture came from, and as it turns out it is Karen Price, Playboy Magazine's Mrs. January 1981. There are also pictures on the gas tanks, but I've never been able to see them clearly. There are also pictures on the inboard side of the right fin; as shown below. The left side fin has no images at all; it is just a dark orange color. The only scene where you can see the left side fin is just as the Gyrocopter crashes.

From Peter Barton's Mad Max Movies website:

Note that the graphics on the tail fin and tanks of the gyrocopter are not actually air brushed on, as would more commonly be done to show cars and so on. The pictures have basically just been cut out of various men's magazines of the time, and stuck on! I'm sure if you were building a replica and did some "research" you could probably find the exact same pictures.

I never added these pictures to my Gyrocopter, but I plan on doing so someday soon.

Right side outboard fin image, Mrs. Karen Price

Right side inboard pictures