HUMVEE Driver's Tow Truck

This is my model of one of the first vehicles in my Mad Max story The Guardian. The tow truck is driven by a man, a woman, and a little girl fleeing from two marauder vehicles. The man is killed and the tow truck forced to a stop, where it is subsequently lit on fire.

Blue Tow Truck

Base kit: Dukes of Hazzard Cooter's Tow Truck from MPC

Other kits: none

Extra parts: Various shop equipment, spare tires, etc.

Modifications: Almost none. I changed the vehicle to left hand sided driving and roughed it up to look battered and smashed.

Paint: Blue spray paint for most of the body and the side panels are black. I found some service garage advertisment decals for the sides.

Left top view

Left side

Right side

Left front

Right front

Left rear

Right rear