HUMVEE Driver's Oldsmobile

This is my model of the enemy leader's car from my Mad Max story The Guardian. In the story, the enemy leader, a man called Hail, drives a fast, powerful tan Oldsmobile. Although, I confess I don't know if Olds ever made cars in Australia. Can anybody help with that?

Tan Oldsmobile

Base kit: A 1972 (I think) Oldsmobile. No model company ever made a 1972 Olds. However, I learned that when they are releasing the new cars for the year (as in real cars) they sometimes give scale models of the cars to dealers; presumably so they can be showcased on the dealer's desk. So that is where this car came from. I found it on Ebay. It was really more like a toy car than a model kit. The only detailed part was the body, the rest was molded from a single piece of plastic. The wheels were just simple things that you would find in a toy car.

Other kits: A 1970 something Oldsmobile

Extra parts: A large engine

Modifications: Well, I had to take apart the 'toy' Olds and mate it to the frame of the Olds model kit. Not very hard at all. Using my Dremel I cut out the hood (bonnet) and roughed up the entire car to make it look battered and smashed. Of course, I also changed the car to left hand sided driving.

Paint: Just tan colored spray paint. I chose an assortment of other colors to add to the sides, hoping to make it look as if paint from sideswiped cars had scraped off onto the Olds. I added steel color to the damaged parts for more realism.

Right side

Left side