HUMVEE Driver's Caterpillar D8H

This is my model of the Caterpillar D8H Bulldozer from my Mad Max story The Guardian. In the story, Max has the defenders weld steel plates and jagged spikes to the dozer; making it into basically a tank. Needless to say, it wreaks havok on the enemy.

Caterpillar D8H

Base kit: Caterpillar D8H

Other kits: none

Extra parts: diamond plate plastic, assorted metal pieces

Modifications: I built the kit as it came out of the box. Then I bent some metal tubes for the driver's compartment frame and added on the diamond plate to make it fully enclosed. I cut out the door (which does open) and eye slits. I cut up and added on the steel spikes to the dozer's blade.

Paint: The dozer is yellow and the steel plates are silver. The metal frame tubing is semi-gloss black. I also tried out some weathering techniques using powders and I think it came out quite well.

The first two pictures show the dozer before it was modified.

Left side

Left rear

Right side

Left side



Left rear