HUMVEE Driver's Flail

Inspired by Wez and looking for something to weld, I decided to make a custom flail. I found an old set of shelves with steel balls for the feet. I used my sawz-all to cut one off, then I got together a few pairs of rusty steel bolts. I used a vice and C-clamps to hold the bolts on, then welded one bolt across from it's twin. I cut the chain with my trusty sawz-all and welded it to the ball and a flat piece of metal. I measured and bent the metal piece around a sawed-off baseball bat handle, then bolted it on. I added some sports grip tape and I was done. The metal ball and the bolts were different types of metal, and they didn't weld together very pretty. But the flail works great; I've smashed it against junked cars without anything breaking.