HUMVEE Driver's Female Chest Protector

I bought an old Motocross Chest Protector, and I modified it to be wearable by women. I cut out the holes in the chest protector to make it more comfortable. I then took apart a paintball bra (sturdy plastic cups) and bolted the cups to the chest protector. On a suggestion from a talented friend, dare I say even my Muse, I painted it dark purple. I think it turned out beautifully. I added spikes to the shoulder plates, and epoxied an old '350' car emblem to the front. I painted the upper arm guards black, and I decided to take off the right side but leave the left one there. Lastly I cut up some shoe insoles and used a hot glue gun to fix them to the insides of the cups. I think it would be very comfortable to wear, and of course give some decent protection as well.